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Yahoo Messenger has been well known for its high quality, animated emoticons! Version 6 of Yahoo Messenger continues this trend with more great emoticons! This section of the site includes all the info you need about Yahoo emoticons, all in one place!

Standard Emoticons

There are 48 standard Yahoo emoticons, which can be seen in the emoticon popup within your chat windows. The reference card below, outlines the emoticons, their keyboard shortcut and their relevant meanings. You can save the card to your computer for later reference.

Yahoo Emoticons

Most of the above emoticons are animated when used within Yahoo messenger, but they are not animated on the reference image. To save the card, just right click on the image above, save it somewhere on your computer and refer to it when needed.

Using Emoticons in Yahoo

Using these emtoicons in instant messaging conversations is relatively easy. The easiest way is to use the emoticon popup menu, but you can also use the keyboard shortcut keys which you can find above.

While writing a message, click on the emoticon button in your chat window to bring up the emoticon popup.

Using Yahoo Emoticons

Now click on an emoticon and it will be inserted into your message. Easy as that!

Hidden Emoticons

In Yahoo Messenger 6, there are 27 emoticons which are hidden and not available like the standard ones mentioned above. Visit the Hidden Yahoo Emoticons page for details on the emoticon and how to use them in yahoo.

Yahoo Emoticon

We hope that you found this quick guide useful, happy chatting!

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